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Family Law

The end of a personal relationship and the consequences of a break-up are significant emotionally, financially and have a large impact on those around us, most importantly the children. Such matters involve child custody disputes, property disputes, maintenance, child support and others problem such as domestic violence.

All this takes a toll, and it is not only important to get the best legal advice, it is also important to have that emotional support and the feeling that your lawyer is there fighting for you in the dispute. It is also important to think about a possible separation when a relationship commences, you should consider pre-nuptial and binding financial agreements as a protection of your interests.

Experienced Family Lawyers

Our lawyers have extensive experience in family law matters, and are able to offer practical, realistic and strategic advice in relation to family law disputes, providing options that may best suit your situation and objectives.

It's important that your family lawyer adopt the most appropriate strategy for your individual circumstances, to achieve the best outcome for you, and to be experienced in property division, spousal maintenance, child support, parenting disputes, child protection and divorce matters.

What does Family Law entail?

Family Law covers a wide range of matters, including (but not limited to):

What Next?

If you're going through a seperation or divorce, it is essential that you obtain legal advice promptly when problems and issues arise as often one party may obtain an advantage by seeking orders or injunctions before the other. Therefore you should gather all documents and evidence, keeping detailed written records of incidents, and then make a time to see an experienced family lawyer who can explain the Family Court system, the legal costs involved and offer strategic advice on how you should proceed.

Our experienced family lawyers who may assist are:

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