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About Our Law Firm

The Lawyers at Adams Wilson

We have Offices in Sydney and on the Gold Coast

Adams Wilson Lawyers has well-equipped law offices in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, concentrating on all aspects of commercial litigation, commercial law, employment law, and estate law. 

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and professional law firm that achieves its client’s objectives at a reasonable cost. We work towards knowing our clients and tailoring our work to their specific needs and objectives. For our commercial clients, we strive to understand your business, and do so in a way that makes you feel we add value to your business.

We want you to enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with you!

Why Choose Adams Wilson Lawyers?

We strive to provide you with legal services that assist you in navigating a complex and ever changing legal system. Our mission is to achieve your legal and/or commercial objectives, while also being someone you feel comfortable calling; knowing that you will receive the right, fearless advice without being charged a ransom in return. Our main areas of practice includes corporate and commercial advice, commercial litigation, employment law and advocacy, workplace relations, dispute resolution as well as wills and estates

We are renowned amongst our clients and colleagues in the profession as skilled lawyers who will fight passionately for their client. We are to be taken very seriously when litigation is threatened. Our lawyers are fierce advocates, and will not back down at any stage. We are up to date with the law, we regularly provide training to clients, other lawyers, as well as commercial organisations such as Chambers of Commerce or Professional Organisations.

Our Legal Fees

Our billing is fair and reasonable, and we will discuss your costs at all stages of the legal process to ensure that your matter is being considered commercially. Our lawyers have big firm legal experience, but we do not have their hourly charge out rates. We are flexible in how we charge, how we bill, and the discounts or additional services we may offer. We also utilise our experience across various legal disciplines to add value to our service offerings whenever possible and often include them in a single generous package. 

Our commercial law services are also provided in a more friendly, personable way than many other practices. If you do not feel trust, or value your lawyer’s advice and assistance, then the relationship is probably not working for you.

A More Personalised Service 

If you are an individual or business in Sydney or the Gold Coast, or anywhere for that matter, we offer legal services that are notably different from the big law firms. We're also more specialised than the suburban general practice. Most importantly, we offer all services with a friendly and personable approach; so you will know that your best interests are our primary concern.

We will be dedicated, decisive, and determined to assist you or your business in achieving your objectives; and will do so at a fair and reasonable cost.