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Business Structuring

There are a number of structures that someone may use to operate their enterprise or business, these are from the smallest to the largest, sole traders, a partnership, a joint venture, a company and a publicly listed company.  Each of these business structures involves different legal and commercial aspects in setting up the business, operating the business, reporting to relevant authorities about the business and on occasions closing the business down.

At all stages, there are rights and obligations that you should be aware of, and due to the complexity of these matters, to be successful you should get professional advice to assist you in making your business a success.

Experienced Business Lawyers 

Our Commercial Law Lawyers from the Gold Coast and Sydney can offer advice and representation that is timely, legally correct, practical and strategic that will enable your business venture to be successful. Our lawyers have not only advised clients regarding numerous business structures but have been actively involved in their own businesses and understand the importance of matching a client's personal circumstances to the most beneficial business structure.

Our lawyers will discuss all aspects of your business venture, and your family and financial circumstances, to provide you with the best and most strategic advice. We will not just go the processes like other lawyers, we will analyse your situation and work with you to obtain the best and most suitable structure for your circumstances.

Business Structuring: Our Legal Services

We offer the following services in relation to business structuring:

  • Advice regarding the costs and benefits of different business structures and what may be the optimal business structure for your business venture
  • Advice regarding the obligations and rights you may have in each business structure
  • Advice and the negotiation and drafting of Partnership Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Shareholders Agreements and related documentation such as company registration and company constitutions
  • Advice and representation regarding restructuring
  • Advice regarding business continuity
  • Advice and representation in disputes regarding these structures
  • Advice and representation in winding up and closing down the business

What Next?

If you are thinking of setting up a business, or you have an idea that you think may be a successful business venture, then you should speak or email one of our lawyers and discuss the costs and benefits of different business structures and what may be the best for your business venture. 

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