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Commercial Law

If you operate a business of any kind, whether you're a small home business / sole trader, a medium sized business or a large corporation, Commercial Law applies to you. It relates to the rights, relationships and conduct of any persons or businesses dealing in trade, sales, merchandise, commerce and paid services.

So if you manage your own business, enter into agreements with other businesses or clients, buy and sell goods or property for profit, or simply employ people to work for you, a commercial lawyer can help to protect you from things going wrong, or protect you in the event that they do go wrong.

Experienced Commercial Lawyers

Adams Wilson Lawyers have the years of experience necessary to provide you with business law services in this ever-changing legal system. By being someone you can trust to talk things through with, and offering advice particular to your situation, you'll come to consider us a part of your business.

We fight passionately for our clients and treat matters with the importance they deserve when commercial litigation is threatened. We always keep up to date with the law and regularly provide legal training to our clients, other lawyers and even commercial organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Our Commercial Law Services

We are not general services lawyers. We specialise in Commercial Law and apply years of experience in commercial matters to look after you and your business. This specialisation allows us to offer a complete range of Commercial Law Services from commercial litigation to employment law, dispute resolution and any other matter pertaining to commercial matters.

Our lawyers offer business structuring advice for enterprises, sole traders, partnerships, joint ventures, businesses and companies, as well as publicly listed companies, ensuring you're aware of your rights and obligations.

If your business sells products or services in the Australian marketplace then you have complex obligations under Australian Competition & Consumer Law that you should be aware of. We can act on behalf of consumers and businesses in these matters, with an in-depth understanding of disputes and litigation.

If you ever find yourself conducting a major Commercial Transaction such as buying or selling your business, franchise or high-value items we can help with the commercial agreements and drafting of contracts.

Our Commercial Law services include;

What Next?

If you need any Commercial Law advice, from litigation to business structuring, commercial agreements and debt recovery, our experienced commercial lawyers can look after your interests. With offices in both Sydney and the Gold Coast, contact us today to discuss the costs, benefits and documentation necessary for your business situation.