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Are you entering into a Retail Shop Lease?
Are you entering into a Commercial Lease?
Are you entering into an Industrial Lease?

If you are a tenant...

Let us review your lease before you sign it to ensure your rights are protected.

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Let us draft your lease to ensure the lease protects your interest and the process is smooth and cost effective.

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Whether you’re working in an office space, a retail store, industrial premises, or any property you need to use for your business but don’t already own, you will need a commercial lease agreement.

A commercial lease agreement is a legally binding contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord for the duration of the lease. A commercial lease can be quite complex as it covers what the property or office space can be used for, restrictions, breaches of lease, the use of storage facilities, trading hours, and even what happens should either party become insolvent. Because of this, it is incredibly important, both for you and your business, that an experienced commercial lawyer either drafts or reviews any commercial lease documents.

Experienced Commercial Leasing Lawyers

Our experienced commercial lawyers work to draft commercial lease documents to accurately reflect the agreement struck between parties, or to review lease documents to highlight and renegotiate any onerous terms.

The clauses in commercial leases can bind the parties for 15 years or more in some cases, so it is essential the agreement is drafted by a skilled commercial contract writer.

Commercial Leasing Services;

Commercial Leasing on the Gold Coast and Sydney

Adams Wilson Lawyers can provide commercial leasing advice for any business on the Gold Coast or in Sydney. We are locals in these areas and are experienced in all aspects of leasing whether its for retail premises, office space or industrial purposes. 

The redevelopment of Pacific Fair was distinguished by the extensive use of lease clauses which referred to the commencement of trading by anchor tenants such as David Jones, instead of set dates. These event based definitions of lease commencement meant that the many retail leases entered into were not invalidated by delays in the construction timetable. 

By having an experienced commercial lawyer review your commercial lease you can be advised on what these clauses mean for you, so you can make an informed decision before signing.

Why Use Adams Wilson Lawyers?

Leasing a commercial premise or retail store is a significant financial decision. It’s important for lessors to ensure their investment is protected with an acceptable return, and for lessees to have the property or premise rights necessary to successfully run their business

Often business owners make the mistake of accepting a standard lease without any consideration on how it may affect the day to day management of their business, or their ability to relocate or expand in the future.

This is why it’s important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial lawyer before entering a lease.

Our leasing lawyers have Master Degree level qualifications in commercial property law, and are experienced in drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial lease documents.

We know you need accurate and timely advice, fast turnaround times for legal work, for fees that represent value for money. That’s why we work hard to obtain more favourable lease terms to help you either save or make more money over the course of the tenancy.

For qualified advice and commercial lease drafting, whether you're on the Gold Coast or in Sydney, contact Adams Wilson Lawyers today.

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