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Sydney Commercial Dispute Lawyers

No matter how careful you manage your business and its dealings, it’s inevitable that disputes will sometimes arise.

We understand that it’s important for you, your business, and your reputation that disputes are handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Commercial Litiation Law Firm Servicing Sydney

We strive to identify the cause of commercial disputes and their underlying issues so that, where possible, we can settle outside of court for a fast, cost effective solution.

When do I need a Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

If you operate a business of any kind in Sydney, Commercial Law applies to you.

It's essential for every business to have a professional relationship with a Commercial Lititgation Law Firm if you:

Legal disputes are one of the worst things you have to deal with as a business owner. Whether a dispute arises against a client, contractor or former employee, you'll need legal advice from an expert Commercial Lawyer.

Why do I need a Commercial Litigation Lawyer for my Business?

The danger of being damaged by another person's conduct or causing alleged damage to another person by your conduct, is an ever present risk for everyone in business.  

If your business is at the centre of a commercial dispute, it can be both a frightening and stressful experience. That's why you need a Commercial Litigation Lawyer with the training, knowledge, experience, resources and passion to provide you with the most effective legal advice & representation.

Adams Wilson Lawyers will look after you and with time, you'll come to consider us as an integral part of your business.


Issues that escalate to legal proceedings in courts can be very costly and time-consuming. Consider attempting reconciliation if the situation allows for it and if your Lawyer agrees there is merit in doing so.

If reconciliation is not an option, then arbitration can be another good alternative to avoid court proceedings.


Your business and the other party can select an arbitrator, who will develop a resolution that’s beneficial to both parties and compliant to all related industry standards.

As long as yourself and the other party can agree on the processes and resolutions, there are no business disagreements that arbitration can’t resolve.


Help for Small to Large Businesses

Where reconciliation, arbitration or settlement is not possible, we have a dedicated Sydney team of commercial litigation lawyers to assist you with qualified legal advice and expert representation. We assist businesses of all sizes including but not limited to:

We'll consider your situation to provide options, advice, solutions and strategies that suit your unique situation.

Experienced Commercial Litigation Lawyers

We’ve represented clients in commercial litigation in a wide range of legal matters, in proceedings before all levels of the legal system including:

Time is of the Essence

There are often strict time limits when it comes to bringing proceedings to court, when proceedings are to commence, as well as in complying with Court Rules, so it's important you get advice sooner rather than later.


The Successful Litigation Process

Should a business dispute escalate (beyond reconciliation and arbitration matters) your next action will be litigation or legal court action.

Handling a business dispute in court is expensive and requires huge efforts so it should always be a last resort. If you find yourself in a legal court action, then you must follow these key steps to ensure successful litigation:

1. Is Legal Action Required?

Make sure that the business issue indeed requires legal action. It should involve the violation of your ownership or rights of your business. The business dispute may be a desecration of intellectual property rights, infringement of trademark or copyright, or unpaid goods or services.

2. Contact The Other Party

Get in touch with the other party via post or email explaining your business issue. Make sure to attach a copy of your contract and suggest a way to resolve the issue. There must also be a deadline for the other party to agree and abide with your suggested resolution. Note that your letter should be firm, yet friendly and open for reconciliation.

3. Follow Up

If the other party has no response by the end of the deadline, then send a second letter. It should contain a copy of the first letter, the contract, and a notice to urgently settle the issue or you will be forced to take legal action.

4. Evaluate The Situation

Check if you have the financial resources to pursue legal action. Also, evaluate what litigation will bring to your reputation and relationship with clients. If you decide to proceed, make sure to have a commercial litigation lawyer and find out in which court the case filing should be done.

5. Legal Proceedings

Understand and perform the necessary steps in the legal proceedings, which include filing of a claim, preparation of testimony and witnesses, attending pre-trial and trial process, and receiving final judgment.


Talk to our Commercial Lawyers in Sydney

If you believe your business has suffered damage by someone else’ conduct, or someone has indicated they may take action against your business, seek the right advice from the outset.

Contact our Sydney based commercial litigation lawyers today for qualified, practical advice and assistance in protecting your business interests.