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Discrimination & Human Rights Law

Human Rights Law generally relates to the desire for modern societies to be free of discriminatory practices at work, in the provision of services, in the provision of accommodation and in the provision of public services and benefits.

It is a reasonably new area of law and is developing slowly but surely in Australia.  If you believe you have been discriminated against you should seek legal advice as time limits apply, and if you re an employer or service provider who has received a complaint of discriminatory conduct you should also contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

Experienced Human Rights Lawyers

Our lawyers have defended and prosecuted claims regarding discrimination before the Federal Human Rights Commission and the Federal Court, the Anti Discrimination Commission and QCAT in Queensland, the Anti Discrimination Board and the Administrative Decisions Tribunal in New South Wales and the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the VCAT in Victoria. 

We have also provided clients with training and workshops on equal employment opportunity and employee conduct in the workplace, that keeps our knowledge of this area of the law up to date and at the cutting edge.

Our lawyers are experienced in this area of legal practice and are considered experts in the field.

Discrimination & Human Rights Law Services

We offer the following services:

What Next?

If you are involved in a situation that you think may involve discrimination or a breach of human rights laws, you should keep records of all incidents that you are involved in.

This is important as it may become contemporaneous evidence of discrimination or breaches of the law.  You put all this together and then seek advice.

Our experienced employment lawyers in Sydney and the Gold Coast can assist with your discrimination and human rights matter. Please call or send us an enquiry today.