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Insolvency & Debt Recovery

In private life and in business the management of what you spend and what you receive is difficult, especially in difficult economic times.  In business they say 'cash flow is king'. On occassion any of us can get into financial difficulty, and at such times it is important to get the right advice and to get it when you need it rather than when it is too late.

What is Insolvency?

Personal insolvency and corporate insolvency is where you as an individual may be bankrupted or your business or company put into administration or wound up.

As experienced commercial lawyers we can assist you in recovering unpaid debts, protecting you and negotiating on your behalf when creditors are attempting to recover unpaid debts, and act for you in proceedings to recover debts due.  

Experienced Insolvency & Debt Lawyers

Our lawyers are trained and experienced in all matters relating to insolvency and debt recovery, and have appeared in the numerous state and territory Tribunals, the Magistrates and Local Courts in each state and territory, and the Federal Circuit Court, the District and County Courts in each state and territory and the Supreme Courts in each state and territory, and the Federal Court and High Court.

Our lawyers have acted for and against some of Australia's largest banks and commercial entities including Westpac, the ANZ Bank and Suncorp.

We have also acted for and advised numerous insolvency accounting firms such as Worrells, Vincents, Korda Mentha and PWC.  We have acted for, negotiated and defended, individuals and business's in matters related to personal guarantees, bank loans, telecommunication company debt recovery, and Personal Insolvency Agreements.

Debt Recovery & Insolvency Services

We offer the following services:

What Next?

If you are owed money personally, or in your business where you have provided goods or services and not been paid, then afer discussing it with the debtor you should contact one of our lawyers so that we can discuss a letter of demand and what legal options are available to you.  We will discuss a price with you for those services, so that you can make a commercial decision about how to proceed.

If your personal or business finances are under pressure and you feel it is getting too much, you should as soon as possible give one of our lawyers a call so that we can discuss your situation with you and possibly your accountant, then we may offer some alternatives including negotiating with the creditor to allow time to pay or a reduction in the debt, or entry into agreements with creditors.

Often it is important to get advice and assitance early rather than later when it may be too late, and any remaining creditor goodwill may have evaporated.

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