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Disputes & Commercial Litigation

In today's commercial world and in life generally, the risk of being damaged by another person's conduct, or causing alleged damage to another person by your conduct, is an ever present risk for all of us.  

Litigation, whether you are taking action against another person and you are the Plaintiff, or whether someone is taking action against you and you are the Defendant or Respondent, can be a frightening and stressful experience.

Litigation refers to any dispute that often ends up in proceedings before a Court or Tribunal. A subset of general litigation is Commercial Litigation, which revolve around disputes that relate to commercial matters such as business transactions or breaches of contracts.

Experienced Lawyers in Litigation

Our lawyers have acted for clients in proceedings before all levels of the legal system in general disputes and commercial litigation.

Examples of such matters include breach of contract claims, restraint of trade claims, company and shareholder disputes, directors disputes, fencing disputes, insurance claims and disputes, professional negligence claims, product liability matters, unconscionable conduct cases, unjust enrichments cases, misleading and deceptive conduct cases, disciplinary hearings before Boards and Tribunals, lease disputes and strata title disputes.

Our lawyers have the training, knowledge, experience, resources and passion to provide you with the most effective and strategic legal representation. In addition they are dedicated to getting the best and fairest results for our clients. 

Our Litigation Services

We offer the following services in general and commercial litigation:

What Next?

If you think you have suffered damage by someone else's conduct, or someone has indicated they may take action against you personally or your business, then speak with one of our experienced lawyers so that we can discuss what legal options are available to you.  We will discuss a price with you for those services, so that you can make a commercial decision about how to proceed.

There are time limits to bring proceedings and once proceedings are commenced, there are time limits to comply with the Courts Rules, therefore it is essential to get advice and assistance early rather than later when it may be too late.

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