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Read a selection of testimonials we have received from previous clients regarding our commercial law services:

After initially contacting Adams Wilson Lawyers I received a quick response and was put in contact with Ms Nikolina Palasrinne whom I found to be very professional and clear.

From our first meeting, Nikolina Palasrinne explained my options and the possible outcome of proceeding. Nikolina’s communication with the other party was very factual and to the law, she was very easy to understand and gave good feedback to me.

The outcome for me was positive and fair.

Nikolina Palasrinne is a great asset to your team and I have no hesitation in referring Adams Wilson Lawyers for legal advice.

Thank you,

Martin Smith

I'm extremely happy with the service I have received from Joel Hayden and the Adams Wilson Lawyers team. Through what was a tough time for me Joel has been easy to contact, explained all options available to me clearly and has kept me up to date on my case whilst addressing any concerns I have had.

Joel has always acted professionally and it is clear that he has a lot of knowledge in Employment Law. Coming into this I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but thanks to Joel’s hard work and professionalism I have not only settled for a very reasonable amount but following his advice has saved me thousands in legal fees and court costs.

Joel will go above and beyond for his clients and actually cares about getting the best outcome for you, not simply making money out of you. Which is why I am more than happy to recommend Joel Hayden and Adams Wilson to anyone who asks.


Nikolina and the team at Adams Wilson Lawyers Gold Coast are highly recommended as Employment Law specialists. 

In what can be a very emotionally draining and confusing process, Nikolina’s methodical, calm and meticulous approach provides clarity and confidence.

The whole team at Adams Wilson Lawyers are experts in their field and their communication is fantastic.

We could not be happier and I doubt we would be this relieved without Nikolina and the Adams Wilson team. 

Matthew Gisler

Adams Wilson Lawyers were welcoming toward me from the very beginning of what was an emotional and testing time for me.

Emma Treherne and her team handled my matter with upmost professionalism in a courteous and dignified manner all whilst providing me comfort and clarity throughout my whole ordeal. Their service exceeded my expectations, always making me feel as if I was their number one priority, always keeping me up to date with the progress of my case, and I will definitely recommend them.

Thank you Emma, you are a true professional in your field and you gained for me the justice that I deserved. I am forever grateful to you for my win and for all your hard work. 


Dear Aahana,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you have put into my case and the amount off empathy shown on a professional level.

As you know it was a very stressful time for my wife and myself dealing with the unknown and uncertainty of any outcome. We had our full faith in you as our lawyer and you really helped us both through the pressures and rigmarole. I will undoubtedly recommend Adams Wilson Lawyers and in particular Aahana Lakhia to anyone who requires legal advice on a professional/personal level.

Please thank Kerry as she has been a diamond dealing with our accounts and once again having feeling, not just another number, my wife and I hold the highest respect for you both and wish you all the best in your desired careers.

Once again we thank you.


I highly recommend Ms. Aahana Lakhia - and Adams Wilson Lawyers ... they are truly professional and results oriented.

I trusted Adams Wilson Lawyers to protect my business and they exceeded all of my expectations. More than once, Aahana went the extra mile and was always there for me above and beyond our client/lawyer relationship. It is my pleasure to recommend Aahana Lakhia as a very qualified Lawyer who can handle your unique situation.

I am very pleased with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending Adams Wilson Lawyers and Ms Aahana Lakhia to represent your best interests.


Thank you Emma for your dedication and professional service.

Without you I would not have known what to do, your calmness and guidance in my workplace issue left me with complete trust in you. I am extremely thankful that I went to Adams Wilson Lawyers and recommend them to anyone who is looking for legal representation in the future.


Dear Emma,

Thank you again for the legal and moral support provided to me by yourself and the Adams Wilson Lawyers (Robina) staff during a challenging time whilst negotiating a Deed of Separation. It was obvious after trying to resolve employer / employee disagreements myself that I was out of my depth and needed an Employment Law specialist. After meeting with you to outline my case, you and your colleagues provided me with confidence to pursue my legal rights in a firm, yet fair manner.

Your professionalism was apparent whilst listening to my responses against unfair accusations. Additionally, your ability to structure logical and firm arguments to resolve ongoing issues was outstanding. Your quality knowledge of Employment Law, and rights of the employee / employer was exceptional.  The legal depths within the Adams Wilson firm and your communication of peer reviews of submissions made for a sound case and left little room for movement from my former employer.  

There were times when all seemed lost due to irrational actions taken by my former employer, however you provided assurance to proceed with negotiations.  The final outcome exceeded my expectations as the final result was firm, yet fair to both parties with my professional reputation protected (as was the primary goal).  

Sincerely, Thank You.


I was involved in a work issue. I initially was dealing with this issue on my own and after feeling considerable pressure and stress decided I needed legal representation.

I was recommended to approach Adams Wilson Lawyers by a collegue and from the first meeting I was struck by their professionalism, realistic optimism and commitment to me as their client.

It was a relief to know and feel that I had working for me a team that was completely on my side and had my best interests at heart. Adams Wilson Lawyers legal representation allowed my work issue to become resolved and I had gained the outcome that I had wished for.

I am extremely happy with my decision to gain the help of Adams Wilson Lawyers and could not recommend them more highly to people that need help and legal representation.



Thank you very much for your guidance, calm manner and everything you assisted us in achieving over the last 9 months. I am very thankful we selected your firm and had you to work with.

One thing I would add is your approach was ethical, which you demonstrated in the way you explained we would need to operate. That was another attribute that I felt aligned to what I wanted to achieve. I am sure there are more then a handful of unethical law firms on the coast and your firm is definitely not one of them.

Thank you and take care, 

Jodie & Charles Pace