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Wills & Estate Law

Most people believe that making a Will is a simple matter. However, the fact is that a Will can be a rather complex document. At Adams Wilson Lawyers, we can simplify it for you and ensure your individual circumstances are catered for. When taking your instructions for drafting your Will, we work with you to clarify your personal situation and identify your wishes, ensuring your estate is transferred to the beneficiaries you intend.

The creation of a Will is essential for every one of us at least once in our lifetime. The consequences of dying without a valid Will means your Estate is 'intestate' and can lead to a complicated and costly burden for your loved ones.

Whilst drafting a current Will must deal with your present situation, we recommend your Will should be reviewed every time your state of affairs or life circumstances change. For example; if you get married, re-married or divorced, the birth of a child, a beneficiary dies, acquiring property or at least every 3-5 years.

Experienced Will & Estate Lawyers

Our Sydney and Gold Coast based lawyers have spent many years drafting both simple and complex Wills and Powers of Attorney for our clients. We have experience in advising and acting for clients in complex estate management matters including the drafting of complex testamentary trusts.

We have also been involved in substantial litigation where a beneficiary or non-beneficiary, who believes they are entitled to a benefit under a Will or Letters of Administration, seeks to enforce those rights in the Courts.

Wills & Estate Legal Services

We offer the following services for Wills and Estates:

What Next?

If you do not have a Will or Power of Attorney and believe your circumstances may require one, you should call our lawyers and let us meet you to provide advice on your personal estate matters.

On the other hand, if you are a beneficiary or have not received a benefit under an estate when you believe you should have, please call us as soon as possible so we may seek what is fair and due to you. The sooner, the better as there are time limits in making such applications. We are available throughout Sydney and the Gold CoastSend us an enquiry today.