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Work Health & Safety

The safety of workers and others in a workplace is a very serious matter and the subject of substantial, complex legislation in each state, territory, and the Commonwealth.

Recently the Federal Government, with the co-operation and agreement of each of the states and territories, introduced legislation that results in greater uniformity nationally in Occupational Health & Safety Law. This has resulted in more people in workplaces having obligations and more onerous obligations.

If you carry out a business or undertaking you are required to comply with each state's Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This legislation places an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure safety in the workplace. Company officers, workers, manufacturers, designers, importers, installers and suppliers of machinery or equipment, all have an obligation to ensure safety and comply with the relevant legislation.

Substantial fines may be imposed for non-compliance with the relevant legislation in each state. 

Experienced Lawyers in Workplace Health & Safety

Our Work Health and Safety lawyers have acted for major corporations and government organisations including the NSW Police Service, the NSW Department Mineral Resources, Queensland Newspapers, Dunlop Australia, CSR Sugar, Bond University, Steelx and numerous local councils.

Our lawyers have provided advice on WH&S risks, WH&S compliance requirements, drafted compliant documentation and policies for workplaces and acted for persons and corporations in investigations and prosecutions by the Division of Workplace Health & Safety.

Our Principal, Mr Brett Wilson was the Solicitor/Counsel Assisting the Gretley Mine Disaster Inquiry, and then led a team investigating and prosecuting persons for breaches of the mine safety legislation and work health and safety legislation related to the inquiry.

Our lawyers are up to date with the legislation as amended and have experience in liaising with investigators and prosecutors in WH&S matters. We also offer training and speak regularly to clients, other lawyers and other professionals on WH&S matters.   

Workplace Health & Safety Legal Services

We offer the following Work Health and Safety services:

What Next?

If you are uncertain as to your compliance with your WH&S obligations it is good risk management to call us and arrange an interview and audit as soon a possible. If someone is injured in your workplace it will be too late to address these issues and you may be prosecuted. If an incident occurs you should immediately call one of our employment lawyers who will advise and assist you through this very difficult and emotional process.

It is important to get advice and assistance early, rather than after speaking to investigators when it may be too late to protect your legal interests. Send us an enquiry today.